The Courier (2019)
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The Courier
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Title: The Courier (2019)
Release: 2019-11-22
Runtime: 99 min.
Genre: , , ,
Stars: Olga Kurylenko, Gary Oldman, Dermot Mulroney, William Moseley, Alicia Agneson, Amit Shah, Craig Conway, Joel Michaely, Greg Orvis, Calli Taylor, Lee Charles
Overview: The Courier (2019) : This intense action-thriller unfolds in real time as two embattled souls fight for their lives. Gary Oldman stars as a vicious crime boss out to kill Nick, the lone witness set to testify against him. He hires a mysterious female motorcycle courier to unknowingly deliver a poison-gas bomb to slay Nick, but after she rescues Nick from certain death, the duo must confront an army of ruthless hired killers in order to survive the night.
Half decent action-thriller though the dialogue was poor and the performance by the lead henchman (played by William Moseley), a proxy antagonist with Gary Oldman's character under "house arrest", was awful and came across as a whiny bitch than anything intimidating. On the plus side, I did like both Olga Kurylenko and Amit Shah, and Oldman for his part, which he likely filmed all of his scenes in one day, had his moments, at least. The fight choreography wasn't bad and did like they avoided using CGI blood splatter too much and used actual squids instead. All in all, it wasn't terrible and served as a passable action-thriller. **3.0/5**